Spector 510 Bainbridge. Phila., PA 19147
Waverly and Joanne Brickell, SPECTOR collectors
They step boldly into the lives and onto the walls of hundreds of new collectors and new audiences, thanks to a shared commitment to making and presenting art you can afford—and can’t live without. Both artists and collectors bask in the love. SPECTOR has a brilliant record as a prophet and champion of emerging talent, recognizing individuals who have gone on to national and international acclaim, providing them a place to show their work and, most importantly, connecting artists with the patrons and fans whose support allows them to continue creating.

SPECTOR is a recognized spark and emblem of Philadelphia’s cultural and civic renaissance, and remains focused on making its hometown a Mecca for contemporary art. Rooted in the insights and obsessions of its artists and the quirks and glories of Philadelphia, SPECTOR’s vision has captured the zeitgeist and engaged passionate audiences worldwide.